Custom Boot Fitting


We know that ski boots are undeniably the best and worst piece of equipment. Nothing will ruin a day on the slopes faster than an improperly fit boot that is causing pain and sacrificing performance. A proper fitting boot will deliver unparalleled performance; increasing energy transfer, power, and control over your skis. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to over 60 years of evolving boot fitting experience. Our professional boot fitters have the knowledge, skills and tools to get you the perfect fit.

The boot fitting process takes time, we recommend allowing 1-2 hours for your boot fit. Our boot fitters will work with you one on one to fully understand your skiing ability, needs and ambitions as well as your unique anatomy and bio-mechanics. We specialize in custom insoles, canting, and heat molding and precisely re-shaping the ski boot shell to accommodate the specific architecture of your foot.

Custom insoles

A necessary add on to any ski boot and will dramatically increase performance and comfort. Custom insoles improve balance and allow the foot to relax by providing arch support and properly positioning the foot within the boot.


Recreational skiers and racers alike can benefit from our stance alignment adjustments. Our boot fitters can adjust ramp angles and cuffs fore/aft to ensure proper hip and knee-mass positioning. We can ensure that you are always flat on your skis and quick to your edges by addressing lateral misalignment to +/- 3 degrees.

Thermo Molding and re-shaping

Thermo molding can not only help you speed up the break-in process, but can also help accommodate any specific features of your foot. With our custom boot fit process we maintain the integrity and performance of a tight fitting boot and increase overall comfort through thermo-molding liners, and our ability to very precisely re-shape the ski boot shell through heat punching and grinding.

Allow our boot fitting team to help you find your next boot, or work with you in your current pair to help you take your skiing to the next level.

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Boot Fitting Factors

Addressing each of these factors will increase both performance and comfort

  • Length/Size: Ski Boots are measured in Mondo Point Sizing, we use this as a starting point. Due to large variations between brands and boot models, every boot should be properly “shell fit”.

  • Forefoot Width (Last): Confirming the proper boot last for your foot will allow your forefoot to lay flat and comfortably within the boot, avoiding cramping.

  • Flex

  • Shape & Height of Cuff

  • Skier Ability & Type of Skiing


Boot Fitting Pricing

  • Ski Boot Assessment (15 minutes) - $15

  • Heat Mold Liner - $50

  • Boot Punch - $40 each

  • Boot Grind - $30 each

  • Boot Plane/Stance Alignment - $200 per pair

  • Buckle Repair - $30 per buckle

  • Pads & Shims - Prices Vary

  • Misc Boot Fitting - $60/hour

  • Custom Insoles - $220

  • Custom Liners - By quote only